Home Buyer Testimonials

Rachael W. — Homebuyer

After I got pre-approved with my loan officer it made me more comfortable and confident to go out and shop.  I felt like the more I became educated about the whole process, I felt like I had a shoulder up on somebody at an open house by saying I am pre-approved, I am ready to buy, I am serious about buying and I have the money immediately available to put down.  So, I did feel like I had an edge over other shoppers that once I found the location of where I wanted to live that I would have a better chance of closing with that seller. 

JoAnne — Homebuyer

I signed a contract this weekend on a house in Alexandria!  Chris [Real Estate Agent] was extremely helpful, very proactive and responsive - unlike other REALTORS®. When I found the right house in my price range he was available, on my schedule, to show me the property (twice). I can't believe I found a house [on the Home Buyers Scouting Report®] within a week of being referred to him. The results speak for its self!

Thanks again to my Loan Officer for getting me the pre-approval letter in record time.  I'm very appreciative since time was of the essence in signing the contract.

I must also say that the Loan Officer/Real Estate Agent approach to the house buying process is great and I would highly recommend it to other homebuyers!

Tim L. — Homebuyer

During this process of going and looking at properties, initially I looked at a number of publications. When I began receiving the Home Buyers Scouting Report®and began working with the agent and the mortgage banker and I no longer looked at any of those publications. There was no need. I had all the information I needed for new properties coming online.  I eliminated and looked at about sixty homes and narrowed it down to three, went into three of them with my agent and decided one to purchase at that point. So I eliminated quite a few through the Report.