Loan Officer Testimonials

Paula P. — Top Producing Loan Officer

The Home Buyers Marketing business plan is an essential part of a loan officer’s life. I can’t imagine being in this business, especially in the environment that we find ourselves in as of late, without a business plan to back me up to make me successful. I have predictable closings. I have a pipeline of buyers that is being nurtured. It’s the 3 party system working together. The Agent, the Loan Officer and the Buyer all involved in the process. I can look at my pipeline and from the pipeline I am able to tell where my closings are coming from next month. Without HBM I would not be able to have my predictable 15 closings per month I am experiencing this year. I have been a loan officer for 10 years and all 10 years, HBM has been the plan that has made me successful. My 3rd month in the business I found success by building relationships around this business plan with agents. I would like to say to you, if you don’t have this business plan I would consider checking into it because it is something you need. It will make you successful.

Rick E. — Top Producing Loan Officer

The year before I started using HBM I closed $87 million and about $60 million of that was purchase business.  Moving to the year that I started HBM, purchases were going pretty well and I did not start HBM until June or July, but once I did where everybody else in the market was slowing down, my purchase business actually increased.  I closed over $80 million dollars in purchase business this last year and this success was primarily because of HBM.  It is an amazing program.  Next year, my primary focus is going to be on HBM and managing our buyers in the Home Buyers Scouting Report.  We plan on doing over $150 million in purchase transactions. 

Mark M. — Loan Officer

Before Home Buyers Marketing and the Home Buyers Scouting Report®, I did my best to scrape up 3-5 loans per month from floor calls and occasional referrals. They were primarily refinances and home equities resulting in $3,000 - $4, 000 per month income. I had one or two REALTOR® relationships who felt they were doing me a huge favor when they referred purchases to me now and then. Today with no assistant, I am closing between 12 – 20 loans per month with more than 95% of that as new purchase business. My average income year-to-date is $13,628 per month. I am extremely blessed and grateful and contribute the growth of my business to this beautiful marketing plan and system called HBM. By far, the Home Buyers Marketing System is the best assistant I could ever have.

Paul J. — Loan Officer

With this system, it allows me to know at all times where my leads are coming from, what agents are true partners, what agents are not true partners. It allows me to have agents physically come to my office instead of me having to go ask for their business. They physically come to my business and ask for meetings. They think it is important that we have meetings and that is something that I had never seen before the HBM System.

Mary B. — Loan Officer

I think that a loan officer who does not want to participate [in the HBM System] doesn’t have a vision of growing their business and of going to the next step. If you are going to grow your business you’re not going to do it by handing out rate sheets. It’s not going to happen. You have to be able to provide REALTORS® with assistance in helping to generate and create more business for them.

Vanessa H. – Loan Officer

If you are a loan officer who is looking for predictable purchase business, to develop relationships with real estate agents and to touch those buyers before they have hit the purchase market, you have got to find a Preferred Lender who is enrolled with Home Buyers Marketing. It has been worth $20,000 a month to me as a loan officer.

Donna N. — Loan Officer

I have been a loan officer now for 4 years and I had been averaging about $6 - $8 million a year. Since starting Home Buyers Marketing, we [Agent and Loan Officer] have been doing it for 9 months now and last year I closed just under $19 million.

Jeannie W. — Loan Officer

The success we [Loan Officer and Agent] have had with the Home Buyers Scouting Report® in just the last 30 days has produced approximately half a dozen contracts in escrow right now and that means to me about $10,000 in commissions. I think for any company, any manager in any company, this is absolutely a system that will help double, triple, or quadruple the production of your loan officers. You’re providing them with a system that no one else has.