Real Estate Agent Testimonials

Jessica P. — Rookie Real Estate Agent

As a rookie agent, in the last six months I’ve closed eight deals and I have seven pending right now that will be closing in the next three months. Out of all fifteen of those deals, twelve of them my loan officer has the loan on due to cross-selling and the HBM System. I attribute all of my success to having a Loan Officer partner to cross-sell and work the HBM System with and the HBM OpenIN Open House System to aggregate those buyers until they are ready to close.

Sid C. — Rookie Real Estate Agent

In our first year we did 25 transactions for 6.3 Million dollars of which 12 of those transactions came out of the Home Buyers Scouting Report®.  In our second year of business, we did 57 transactions for 12.1 Million in sales of which 38 of those transactions were buyers incubated out of the Home Buyers Scouting Report®.  This year we are projecting to do about 100 transactions for somewhere between the 18 – 22 million dollar range is where we expect to end.  We have a team working for us now and we are really only 2 full years in the business.

Kevin C. — Real Estate Agent

Last year we did a little over 2.5 million and about 50% of that was from the buy side. Now this year, we are going to close well in excess of 15 million and our buy side business is up over 400%. The HBM System has had a dramatic effect on our business and it will on your business as well.

Katie M. and Colleen M. — Rookie Real Estate Agent Team

We were awarded Rookie of the Year last year.  We closed 18 deals, and 16 of those were direct from the Home Buyers Scouting Report®.  Being able to have a system to follow up with people that we meet at open houses or through our sphere of influence who typically fall through the cracks is invaluable.  We followed up with them and closed the deals.

Bob S. — Real Estate Agent

I highly recommend the HBM System as a system to both maintain and grow your business.  Over the first couple of years of using the HBM System, I can attribute growth in my business.  I would say roughly at least a closing a month came from the HBM system just in preserving those leads that would previously slip through the cracks, maybe the buyers who wanted to buy a home but weren’t necessarily ready this week or next week or in the next four weeks.  I used the system to keep track of those people so when they become ready in the next 3, 6 or 9 months, or whatever it takes so that we do not loose those leads has definitely benefited me and I saw my business grow the first couple of years I used the system.  This year even though the market has been down a little bit in this area, I have managed to maintain the same level of income that I produced over the past couple of years and I give a lot of credit to the HBM system for that just in making my business more efficient.

Jane C. — Top Producing Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, every agent that is a top producer is very competitive.  I am always looking for an edge to be a little bit better and to be what people expect you to be, not only in service but in technology.  So, I am always looking for that edge and I found it in HBM.  In my 22 years of my real estate career, I started out with a couple of notebooks and tried to tab those and that was so frustrating.  Then I went to the top producer program and was able to capture more of my leads, but still as a one person REALTOR®, I just didn’t have the opportunity to take care of those leads and contact them and I would lose probably half of the contacts I had received.  With HBM it is so simple because it is an internet based program, you have your green dot calls, you have your hot buyers and you can contact them that way.  HBM just makes the business so much easier and it has helped us to close so many more deals.

Bernie C. — Real Estate Agent

Currently I am working with 158 buyers on the Home Buyers Scouting Report® and this year we’ll have sold about 30 million dollars in real estate and approximately 140 homes. Compared to last year, which we just got stared with the Home Buyers Scouting Report last year, we did roughly 115 homes and about 20 million. So, the Home Buyers Scouting Report has certainly helped our production.

Linda L. — Real Estate Agent

This year the Home Buyers Scouting Report® should bring me about 2 ½ million more in sales and 50K more dollars in income that I didn’t have before.

John M. — Real Estate Agent

Since I have been on the program, I’ve done over 20 listings off this program that I was not able to do before.

Bob A. — Real Estate Agent

The Home Buyers Scouting Report® does help me eliminate the competition in that the clients that get signed up for the Home Buyers Scouting Report tend to have more loyalty to me when we do the follow up green dot calls. They’re more likely to call myself as the agent to write a contract if they see a house, or an open house on a Sunday. They’re also more likely to use my loan officer partner.